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How do we do it?

Lots of you ask how we go about finding new exhibitors for

Handmade for Christmas.

We’re only too happy to let you into the secret -

mainly because we’re very proud of what we do here.

We’re proud of our exacting standards,

unapologetic about our pickiness,

eager to improve,

brave enough to admit mistakes and learn from them.

Our goal is to promote hand making skills,

creativity, originality, sustainability, local enterprise and excellent craftsmanship.

We’re constantly on the look-out for remarkable new work and

when we find it we pass it through the WC interrogation sieve…

Is the work made by hand?

If some components are produced elsewhere (e.g. castings),

are they designed by the artist?

Does the work display an excellent level of craftsmanship and a

deep understanding of the materials used?

Is the work original in design?

Has the maker developed a consistent and distinctive style?

Does the maker’s practice demonstrate innovative processes?

Is the work made in Dorset or a neighbouring county?

Does the artist use recycled/local/natural materials and packaging?

Is the work just plain fabulous?

What makes the artist’s work different from others working in the same medium?

Is the artist preserving a heritage craft or have they developed an entirely new way of working?

Will the work sit happily alongside other items at the Chapel and will it delight our visitors?

Pricing - is it affordable?

We will not consider plastic items (unless found and re-purposed)

or anything that is assembled from bought in components.

We also have a ‘no repro’ policy, so we don’t sell digital prints of artwork,

or any items that are reproduced commercially.

It’s a little bit like the judges’ huddle at the end of the Pottery Throw Down.

Really difficult to reject fabulous work that is almost perfect for us, but not quite….…

sometimes we get it wrong, sometimes we hit the jackpot.

Each year we have a little shake out -

adding new wonders,

working hard to build displays that will better show off the lovingly hand-crafted work,

trying sooo hard to create the perfect mix to thrill and delight you all.

So that’s it -

no mystery -

just an obsession with preserving skills,

a refusal to lower standards,

a determination to do the right thing by the planet,

and a strange little girl’s dream of having a shop full of sparklingly gorgeous things.

Fuelled by large mugs of tea and plenty of cake ;-)


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