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Stepping out of my comfort zone

You know the saying “stepping out of your comfort zone”?

I’ve been experiencing it a lot over the past few weeks.

My comfort zone is ...

A workshop full of fibre/beads/metal/paper/threads and a

Box of tools with which to fettle them.

Or maybe a kitchen full of ingredients and a pre-warmed oven ;-)

My comfy place is a fireside chair with a good book on the go.

I’m comfortable walking in the Dorset countryside - well actually, just walking - anywhere.

I gain comfort from creativity, beautiful things, nature, laughter, friendship and kindness.

In all of these situations I can be completely me -

I can dream, plan and invent -

I can be creative with materials, words, thoughts and deeds.

I’m uncomfortable with waste, discrimination, anger, cruelty, bad manners,

Bad grammar, punctuation and spelling,

Pollution, crowds, people who shout and so many other things.

But these uncomfortable places aren’t “outside my comfort zone”for I’m still on sure ground and know how to respond.

The place that has me shaking in my sturdy Size 8 boots is technology.

That place where there are hidden links and missing fonts - illegal hashtags - protocols

Where it’s so easy to drag something outside the guidelines….

I’ve been building this website and shop.

And even though it’s my website I felt uncomfortable there -

A stranger in my own land.

I felt unsure of, and unable to be, myself.

Rigidly formal and polite - surely warmth and humour would not be suitable behaviour…

Whoah! Hang about!

The thing which places real-life visitors to the Workhouse Chapel at their ease is exactly that.

Warmth and humour.

Why should an Online Workhouse Chapel event be any different?

Now I’m a happier bunny - still a long way from my “comfort zone” -

But I’ve injected teensy bits of fun and nonsense into the mix -

A little levity not normally found in webshops.

Like unpacking the ornaments and hanging the pictures when you’ve moved house.

Still strange but much more like home.

I feel more welcome - I hope you will too



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