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Who? What? Why? 

Rose Hatcher (Textile Artist) and Kate Osman (Glass) are both successful and established makers who long to break free from the boxes that constrain and the labels that define them! Together they have hatched an escape plan... and the Workhouse Chapel is the centre of operations...  Of course they won't abandon their creative roots, but rather branch out into cultivating, exploring and refining other ways of working, other materials, other styles - all interspersed with much laughter, tea-drinking and just maybe a cake or three.  Joining them in the mayhem will be Rose's husband, Bob (Accidental Starman).


With the focus very much on hand-making skills, recycling, and keeping it local, they aim to work collaboratively, pooling their huge wealth of creative knowledge, developing each other's skills and supporting each other's weaknesses.  

Who knows what the results will be?  All we know is that this is going to be a lot of fun, and probably very, very messy!  


What is the Workhouse Chapel?

Since 2012 the Workhouse Chapel has been the creative workshop of textile artist, Rose Hatcher.  It has also been the seasonal home of one of Dorset's best kept secrets, Handmade for Christmas.  H4C is open open for all of November and December each year and showcases over 60 makers and artists from Dorset and surrounding counties.  Despite the secrecy clause ;-), it is fast becoming one of Dorset's best loved and best attended Christmas events.

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