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Musings and Ramblings

Here we go! The first blog post on The Chapel's shiny new website.... only we are not calling it a blog - we are calling it 'musings and ramblings', which seems a lot gentler and less restrictive. When I first thought about this kind of page (several years ago now) I read and researched articles about successful blogging. They all told me I should concentrate on 'a topic', or choose 'a style'. Whichever way I turned it and however I looked at it, the restrictions seemed way too ..... well.... restrictive.

Musings and ramblings kind of sums up the way my mind works. I may not always be right - I may not always know a great deal about my subject - I sometimes wander so far off-piste that friends worry I will never find my way home again....

So Musings and Ramblings it is. And they won't always be my M&R; from time to time others may muse and ramble with me. I really hope you'll join us on our gentle wandering journey through thoughts, obsessions, occasional rantings, tales of derring-do, excitations and experiences.

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