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Rose Hatcher

Rose is best known for using silk fibres to create joyously colourful images.  But she also makes Jewellery, sometimes using  semi-precious stones, sometimes using beach finds or scrap salvaged from local sheds... Then there's the Weaving... and the Bookbinding...  Writing...  Photography...  Alphabets...

The trouble is that everything is so blooming interesting!

Most creative folk find it troublesome to be confined within a 'box' or defined by a 'label' and Rose is no exception.  Excursions into alternative artistic disciplines constantly reinvigorate her work and give new insight into other makers' working practices.  This insight is invaluable when selecting new makers to take part in 'Handmade for Christmas', where skill and originality are paramount.  

 Passionate about natural materials, the environment, finding new ways of re-using and recycling old things, words, shells... well actually the list could just go on and on, but you get the picture.