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'I work mostly with reclaimed glass, broken greenhouse glass, glass from picture frames, bottles and indeed pretty much any odd bits of glass I can recycle! It is more important to me than I can say that we re-use our dwindling resources rather than discarding them - this is why almost all of my work will have had a former life as a window, greenhouse or something completely different. It makes working with the different glass types challenging and often a little unpredictable but this adds to my total fascination with the process, pushing the limits of what a piece of glass should do and what I can coax it into being - I truly love it!

'I enjoy most working to commission so if you have something in mind then do please talk to me and we can see what we can come up with together. I have made custom porthole windows, privacy screens, kitchen and bathroom splash-backs, trophies, wedding favours, framed family groups and bespoke glass pebbles - creating exactly what you would like fills me with joy and makes my heart sing!

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