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How do we choose our makers and artists?

Here at the Workhouse Chapel our goal is to promote hand making skills, creativity, originality, sustainability and excellent craftsmanship.


When looking for makers and artists to exhibit work with us we consider all the points on the following list


    Is the work substantially made by hand, with bought in components being kept to an absolute minimum?

    If some components are produced elsewhere (e.g. castings), are they designed by the artist?

    Does the work display an excellent level of craftsmanship and a deep understanding of the materials used?

    Is the work original in design?

    Has the artist/maker developed a consistent and distinctive style?

    Does the maker’s/artist’s practice demonstrate innovative processes?

    Is the work made in Dorset or one of its neighbouring counties?

    Does the artist use recycled/local/natural materials and packaging? 

    Will the artist be able to re-stock at short notice when necessary?

    Is the work just plain fabulous?

    What makes the artist’s work different from others working in the same medium?

    Is the artist preserving a heritage craft or have they developed an entirely new way of working?

    Will the work sit happily alongside other items at the Chapel and will it delight our visitors?

    Is the work different from any other work in the Chapel?

    Pricing.  Will it sell?  Range of prices from low to high. 

    Do you have your own workshop space and tools?  We are uncomfortable with placing our makers in a position where they may have to rely on someone else’s good will, space and time.


Although we hold work for a couple of excellent local painters, we are primarily a makers’ space - not a fine art gallery, but could be interested in mixed media work.


We will not consider plastic items (unless found and re-purposed) or anything that is assembled solely from bought in components.  We also have a ‘no repro’ policy, so we don’t sell digital prints of artwork, or any items that are produced commercially using your designs (although we do allow greetings cards).


Greetings cards are only accepted as part of a wider range of work.


If you think your work fits our brief, please contact us with a brief description of what you do, images of your work and examples of prices.  

We only add a handful of new makers to our list each year, but are constantly on the look out for exceptional and exciting new work to complement our existing range.


Just to reassure you…. We’re not nearly as fierce as we sound ;-)   It’s just that we’re passionate about preserving hand making skills and bringing affordable, fabulous, and properly handmade work into the spotlight….  If we can raise public awareness about what we all do, how we do it and why it’s important, our work is done!       

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