Shopping Appointments

"Shopping By Appointment" sounds so grand!!!!

We will do our utmost to make the reality match your expectations, but with so many Rules and Regulations, you might have to make a few allowances.

To make your appointment:-


or ring 07900 580 716,

giving a couple of dates and times that suit you.  

We'll get back to you with confirmation as soon as we possibly can

Open 9 a.m. - 4.30 p.m. every day from

Thursday 3rd November - Thursday 24th December

The Rules

Masks must be worn

Hands must be sanitised on entry

Touching of items to be kept to a minimum

No more than 4 customers in the Chapel at any time

Names and contact details will be recorded and kept for

21 days for Test and Trace purposes

Do not come if you feel poorly!

No hot drinks - no stollen :-(

No children