Rachel’s passion and aspiration is to create striking and original pieces of jewellery. Her colours and forms are fluid, harmonious and above all ergonomic. The wearer is elegantly enhanced not dominated.

Playing with colour, as a painter would, Rachel is often knitting with multiple strands, blending from one colour to another, subtly or dramatically.

Colours have a taste, a temperature, a musical note to her. In mixing them, the flavours, degrees, chords, change.... there is such excitement when these shifts are sensed!

Rachel sculpts with her copper textile. The folding is uniform, regular and considered, having some reference to origami. A piece should embody a rhythm of pleats, curving and flaring, almost becoming a living thing. Her influences include Jazz, the ocean, shell forms and birds in flight.

“After all this time of working with wire, it’s still showing me new shapes and colour blends. So I shall continue exploring and having creative adventures!” 

Insta: @facetsofavalon