A Wolf and I

This little guy is just ecstatic...look at him, could he be any happier ???

Life is good if you're a unicorn right !!

This is James. An ordinary name for a totally un-ordinary unicorn... I mean, is there even such a thing as an ordinary unicorn?
James is happy. He loves jumping around and has a slightly 80's hair cut. He loves that too.

James is made from solid sterling silver and is only 25mm from hoof to hoof.
He is hung on a delicate silver chain which is 17" long and has a little curly clasp and a tiny star detail. (please ask if you need a different length!!)

He has the wonderful word 'Magic' on his back..because, well, we all need a little magic don't we ? And James is a little magic.

Unicorn Necklace - James