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Exhibitions 2023

All exhibitions open 10 - 4 daily

April 22-May 5



An Exhibition and Exploration

in which we examine the

Power of Words

Possibilities of Paper

Potential of Books

Words, paper and books are such ordinary things - or are they????

Let's take a sideways glance and catch them unawares...

We've invited a group of hugely talented makers and artists to help us see the commonplace in a new light.

Be prepared to laugh, maybe cry, be baffled, be amazed.  

Check the Workshops page for WPB-related workshops


 June 15 - 30 

The Flower Show

A Midsummer Celebration

We have flowers for you in every which way you can think!  Improbable, imaginary flights of implausible floral fantasy from an invited group of hugely talented artists and makers.

See the workshops page for

Flower Show related workshops.


August 10 - 25

More Rubbish

Yes!  It's Really Rubbish!!

Everything recycled, rescued, re-imagined...

Hot on the heels of last year's Rubbish Exhibition, we bring you More Rubbish!

 As a friend once said

"There's no such thing as Rubbish - you just haven't found a use for it yet ;-)"

We hope to prove this hypothesis...

Come and see what rubbish looks like, once a skilled craftsperson has had a bash (probably quite literally) at it!

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